Sunday, May 2, 2010

I thought Pikachu was an electric type...

So, our first Babelfish! Comments mine.

The original: "Pikachu is an electric type. It evolves into Raichu."

Through French: Pikachu is an electric type. It is transformed into Raichu.
So, now Pikachu is already a Raichu.

That through German: Pikachu is an electrical type. It is converted into Raichu.
Now it's an Electrical type, and it's converted into Raichu.

Through Italian: Pikachu is a type electrical worker. It is converted in Raichu. 
Now it's an electrical worker...o_0

Through Portuguese: Pikachu is an electric diligent type. It is converted into Raichu.
Now it's a diligent Electric type. At least it's not an electrical worker anymore.

Through Spanish: Pikachu is an electrical diligent type. One becomes Raichu. 
So,  only one Pikachu becomes Raichu now. Ok then!

Well, that's a Babelfish. If you think that's funny, you should see what else comes out of it. See you next post!

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