Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lacking Foggy, Nebulous Sig.na

I wanted to try out a Babelfish post... Ian, I hope you don't mind!

Original: I miss Misty... she was my favorite character!

French: I miss misty… it stays my character preferred!
-They took my capital M, but they were right about- wait, they turned Misty into an it?!

Spanish: Lacking foggy… it was my favourite character!
-Get some foggy over here, stat! And by the way, Babelfish, MISTY IS A SHE!

Dutch: I miss misty… they was my favoriet character!
-Off on the spelling of "favorite", and now there's more than one Misty!

German: I miss nebulous… it was my favourite letter!
-I miss nebulous so much- wait, who the heck is nebulous?! Which alphabet are you using, Germany?

Greek: Loses Misty… this was my beloved character!
-Close, except now she's "lost". Hey, at least she's still important enough for a capital letter!

Italian: Foggy Sig.na… it was my favorite character!
-*Backs away from the foggy Sig.na*

Portuguese: I lack enevoado… it I was my favourite character!
-Don't you hate not having enough enevoado?

Russian: I pass misty… it was my most favorite nature! 
-You... pass her? Don't even wanna know, I have a feeling that this involves poop. And, wha, nature?! That's it, I give up!
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