Saturday, September 25, 2010

Prince Stupid Of Mail!

This is from Layla n Amentia. She did it on Google Translate, because it has more languages...and it really messed up. Like, more than Babelfish.

Okay, the sentence is... Amentia is the princess of Downland!

French: L' Amentia is the princess of Downland
-Now she's Lamentia. What next?

Dutch: Amentia are the princess of Downland
-Oh, now there's one, but also two. Ummmmmm...

Chinese: The mental retardation is Princess Downland.
-Um... now she has mental issues? And her name is Downland?!

Armenian: Amentia a princess in Downland!
Now she's only visiting. :p

German: Amentia is a princess von Downland!
-Now she's Mental Retardation Downland Amentia Princess von Downland? Sheesh.

Greek: Amentia is the prince Downland.
- She's a PRINCE! That means Sponsus is a princess! :p

Italian: The Amentia is the prince of Downland.
-Now she's a prince that is also an object. Nice going.

Japanese: Amentia is the king woman of Downland.
- A king woman?! Than there must be some kind of queen man! Let's look for him, shall we?

Korean: Amentia is Downland princesses.
-Oh, now there are a bunch of princesses, all named Amentia.

Portuguese: The Amentia is the princess of Downland.
-This one's good, except for an extra "the".

Russian: Amentia princess Downland.
- Way to remove articles.

Spanish: The Amentia is the princess of Downland.
-Same as Portuguese.

Afrikaans: Amentia is the princess of Down
-I PROMISE I wrote "land!"

Albanian: Downland is nonsense princess!
-Now she's a nonsense princess named Downland.

Arabic: Dementia is the princess Downland!
-Oh, now she's dementia itself, not JUST a nonsense princess.

Azerbaijani: Prince is Amentia and Downland.
-Now she's Prince Amentia and Downland.

Basque: Amentia Downland is a princess.
-Her last name would be Downland, I guess.

Belarusian: Dementia is a princess Downland.
-She's dementia again. O.o

Bulgarian: Amentia is the princess of Downland
-YAY BULGARIA!!!! They got it right!

Catalan: Amentu is the princess off.
-Now she's a little off, because she thinks her name's Amentu.

Croatian: aloumnost Princess Downland.
-Now she's aloumnost, whatever that is.

Czech: Amentia is the princess of downland.
-Almost perfect, except for ye olde lowercase letter.

Danish: Amentia is the princess of Downland.

Estonian: Princess of the Land Down Amentia.
-No comment.

Filipino: Dementia is the princess of Downland.
-Another dementia. I guess she's crazier than I thought.

Finnish: Amentia a princess Down Land.
-Now she's a princess Downland. There's a bunch of princesses named Down Land? doubt it!

Galician: Ament is the princess of Downland.
-Almost right, except two piddly letters.

Georgian: Princess is Amentia Downland.
- Downland IS her last name, apparently.

Haitian: Stupidity is the Princess Downland.
-Stupidity is the princess? That's a failed realm.

Hebrew: Amentia is a princess of Downland.
-There's more than one? Really?

Hindi: Princess of mail is dumb

Hungarian: Downland Amentia the princess.
-Word Jumble Time! Woot Woot!

Icelandic: Amentia is princess of the Land Down.
-Land Down? Is that Australia?

Indonesian: Mental illness is the daughter of Downland.
-Alright, so Downland had a daughter named Mental Illness?!

Gaelic: s is the princess of Downland Amentia.
-Now there's a realm called  Downland Amentia and its princess is S. Hint: never let a letter rule your kingdom.

Latvian: No brain is the princess of Downland.
-Oy. Just someone with no brain. Wow.

Lithuanian: Downland princess is imbecility.
- Bad idea, Downland.

Macedonian: Amentia is princess of Downland.
-Add a "the" and we're all set.

Malay: Mentally ill, is the daughter of the Downland.
-And so goes the story of Mentally Ill again.

Maltese: Amentia is the Princess of Downland.
-Malta got it right!

Norwegian: Amentia is the princess of the Land Down.
-There's Australia again.

Persian: Downland is a prince stupid.
- She's Prince Stupid? Whoa, harsh.

Polish: Madness is the princess of downland
-Madness, too? These people are really harsh.

Romanian: Mental illness is the princess of Downland.
- And, the daughter of Downland just became a princess! Congrats, MI!

Serbian: Feebleness of the princess Dovnland.
-Now she's feeble and frpom Dovnland.

Slovakian: Amenti is a princess downland.
Amenti is a princess downland?! No WAY!

Slovenian: Amentia Princess in Downland.
Hear ye! There's an Amentia Princess in Downland!

Swahili: Amentia is king of Downland.
Oh, now she's a man. Yikes, that's scary...

Swedish: Amentia is the princess of HED.
What the heck is HED?

Thai: Amentia the Princess of Downland.
Sounds like they're announcing her.

Turkish: Downland is the princess of Amentia.
Oh, Amentia is not going to like the overthrow of her kingdom.

Ukrainian: Dementia is a princess Daunlend.
Dementia is being crowned RIGHT NOW! In Daunlend there is a great festival!

Urdu: Amentia Downland is the princess.
I've been getting these a lot, guys.

Vietnamese: Ignorance is the princess of Downland.
Now ignorance?! They REALLY need a now monarchy, stat!

Welsh: Amentia the princess of Downland
Forgetting an "is", maybe?

Yiddish: Amentia is the princess of dovnland.
There's dovnland again. How... mysterious...


  1. you dont want to know wat HED is but im telling you... its a mental illness XD

  2. I think Google Translate is our new Babelfish!
    (Babelfish actually works now. Grrr...)

  3. I can't believe how much I laughed at this ._.

  4. Thanks, guys!!!! :)


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